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Q and A

Online and Mobile Banking

This short video explains new steps needed in Online Banking to make member-to-member transfers (desktop version).

MEMBER ISSUE: I’m not able to log in and am getting an error message.
Members should use the same Login ID and Password they used prior to April 1. These did not change.

MEMBER ISSUE: When logging in, I am being asked to submit multi-factor authentication so I can access Online or Mobile Banking. I did this when setting up my account before, must I now do it again?
Yes, this step is required if you are being prompted to provide secure authentication. This feature of our Online and Mobile Banking provides an extra layer of security and helps prevent account hacking. Once you have done this, it shouldn’t be necessary again unless you clear your Web browser cookies or privacy settings that store authentication information.

MEMBER ISSUE: I can’t conduct an online cash advance with my credit card.
That function is not available now. We are working to restore service. You can conduct cash advances at a branch or by calling the Member Contact Center at 907-257-7200 or 800-764-1123.

Number Updates

Q. When will I know my new member and account numbers?

  1. You will receive communications in late March that provide your new numbers.

Q. When should I start making changes using my updated routing and account numbers?

  1. Update your transactions that are directly tied to your routing and account numbers AFTER April 1. Do not make any change before April 1.

Account Updates

Q: Do I need to order new checks?

  1. You can continue to use your current checks until they run out. When you order new checks confirm the new routing number and account number.

Q. Why is there a limit on savings account withdrawals and transfers?

  1. Following a recent regular audit of banking practices, Denali received a recommendation to adopt an interpretation of Federal Regulation D (Reg D) that is better aligned with banking industry standards. This federal regulation sets a limit of six electronic or digital withdrawals and transfers on savings accounts per month. There is no limit to the number of personal transactions one can make from a savings account. 

Q. How will members with loans be affected by the system upgrade?

  1. Members with loans will start receiving a billing notice (instead of a traditional payment coupon) for their loan after April 1. There are no changes to the loan payment, terms or rate. 

Q. What about future Alaska PFDs? Will I have to change my account information for future years?

  1. If you have already designated a Denali account for deposit of your PFD, you will not need to change it. PFD deposit accounts will automatically be re-routed and will not need to be changed unless you decide to change the account you want it deposited into.

Q. I use Quicken to track my accounts. Will I need to change my information in my Quicken Web Connect files?

  1. A. Quicken users should update their WebConnect files to ensure that connections with account data is maintained. The Quicken Conversion Guide (PDF) explains how to change your account information.