Have account information sent directly to you

Text banking makes banking easy.

We use text messages every day. Whether it’s to send a quick message, or to stay in touch, texting is a fast and reliable mans of communication. Your banking should be just as fast.

The Text Message Banking Service is available to all Denali members for free. Securely request common information just by sending one of the following short commands to 454545:

BAL: Current and available balances for the primary account you choose
LAST: The last five transactions made in your primary account
BAL ALL: Current balances for all of your Denali accounts*
BAL CHK: Current checking account balance
BAL SAV: Current savings account balance

You can transfer funds from savings to checking with a command too. Send TRANS and the amount you want to transfer and we’ll take care of the rest. To sign up for this service, log into our online banking site. We’ll text you an activation code to access the your web banking, which will also activate the Text Message Banking service. In order to protect your security, we will never send confidential information like a user ID, password, or account number via text.

* Credit card balances may not be included.