Announcing our 11 Lucky Added Advantage Holiday Giveaway Winners

Dec 31, 2020, 11:12 AM by Author Unknown

AA Winner

Christmas gifts for loved ones, holiday treats, and soon-to-be-due bills are just a few of the things our 11 lucky Added Advantage winners used their prize money on.

“I have some projects around the house that the money will go towards,” Ed told us with a smile. Denali has already helped him with financing his house though a loan, and his $500 prize will help him make his new place feel a little more like home.

“When I joined Denali, I was looking for a loan against raw land to build a house,” he explained. “Denali met my needs in terms of the loan as well as the various friendly and personable people who helped with the loan process.”

The season of giving: How members are using their prizes to help others

While Ed used his award to work on some long-awaited home improvement projects, many of our other winners decided to put their cash towards making this holiday season extra special. They told us about their plans to splurge on their families for a little fun after a difficult year.

Annie, a nurse whose prize was doubled to $1000 for following us on Instagram, had the sweet idea to give her kids the gift of family memories. “I will save the money I won and use it for something adventurous with my two kids after the pandemic is over,” she said. “Working as a nurse is taking a lot of time and attention away from family fun, so this giveaway is one more thing to look forward to.”

Other members wanted to keep the spirit of giving alive, desiring to use their prizes to help others in need. Kayla says she will use some of her $1000 prize to pay the necessary bills, but that she plans to use the rest to “give back a little extra to our community during this difficult holiday season.”

Hearing of the creative ways members put their prizes to use makes everything worth it. Even in a year where the holidays look different, our Added Advantage members have found fun ways to enjoy their prizes and focus on what really matters.

Supporting our members through difficult times

Ted Trueblood has been with our credit union for 47 years. He was shocked to receive his $500 prize. “I’ve been a member for so long and I never thought winning one of the giveaways was possible for me,” he said, “but this was proven to be a great way to kick off the day!”

We’re always here to help our members succeed. From opening your first checking account to setting up your retirement fund, we want to be your biggest supporter and financial resource. This year especially, we hope to provide our members with the support they need.

This bigger-than-ever Added Advantage Holiday Cash Giveaway is just one of many ways we have worked towards that goal. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for being a valued member.

Congratulations to all our winners!

We’re so happy to have completed our biggest giveaway yet. To everybody who won, you deserved it! If you didn’t win, stick around for our next giveaway in the summer for another chance.

Here’s a complete list of our winners:

Week 1: 

  1. 11/30: JACQUELINE H. - Northgate Fairbanks Branch
  2. 12/2: ANNIE F. - Juneau Branch
  3. 12/4: ED B. - Financial Services Center Branch (Anchorage)

Week 2:

  1. 12/7: TAMMY H. - Jewel Lake Branch
  2. 12/9: ISAIAS O. - Financial Services Center Branch (Anchorage)
  3. 12/11: TED T. - Abbott Carrs Branch

Week 3:

  1. 12/14: JOSE R. - Kent Financial Center Branch (WA)
  2. 12/16: KAYLA W. - Southside Financial Center Branch
  3. 12/18: MADISYN M. - Carrs University Center Branch (Fairbanks)

Week 4: 

  1. 12/21: LISA J. - Southside Financial Center Branch



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