Denali: A credit union built by hard workers

Aug 30, 2019, 14:05 PM by Denali 

Working Man

Labor Day is your holiday. Whether you work in fishing, tourism, mining, or the oil industry—this is the time we come together to celebrate the daily contributions of hard-working people like you.

Because these contributions are so important, we wanted to use this weekend to take a look back at Denali’s story to remember the people like you who’s untiring dedication has kept the world running and made Denali the strong credit union it is today.  

A credit union built by the community, for the community.

When Denali was first founded in 1948 by the City of Anchorage employees, we had just 8 members and $40 in assets. These original members probably didn’t realize their small cooperative would still be running strong 71 years later, and that their modest initial investment would eventually help them grow into a sizeable credit union serving 5 states due in large part to the merger Nuvision Credit Union.

Since our founding, we’ve joined together workers from the railroad, natural gas, and electric industries to form an even stronger union with greater power to care for its members. As part of Nuvision Credit Union, Denali has joined a proud legacy of serving hardworking people in all professions across the Western U.S.  

We are proud to have been built by such diverse and vibrant communities and to now be able to give back to those communities in return. Through outreach events like our Memorial Day gas card giveaway, we encourage and support the local people who are making a difference.

Though our members come from different backgrounds and areas of the community, they came together and made a difference because of one common trait: a strong-willed desire to get things done.

The legacy of hard-working people

Determined people like you don’t give up. Our members have been part of many accomplishments; helping grow our credit union was only one of them.

From the utility workers helping supply our cities with the power to heat our homes, run our computers, and cook our food, to the others who helped maintain the great Alaska Railroad—our members are all making things happen.

Nuvision’s combined history goes back even further. The original members were employees of Douglas Aircraft, Boeing Co., Union Pacific, and members of the IBEW. These were the hard-working people pioneering a new generation of aircraft, testing the boundaries of human exploration during the Space Race, and even helping build the spacecraft that would bring man to the moon.

You’re more than a member

The growth we’ve experienced over the past few decades is a testament to the incredible people we serve. You have a place in this remarkable history that’s brought together amazing people from so many sectors.

Being a member means you can claim ownership of the good things we do in the community. You’re a part of something bigger.

But that’s not all your membership means. It means we are constantly investing in you. Through community outreach, through high-quality services, and through exclusive membership benefits. We’re always looking out for you and moving you closer to success.

You work hard. You deserve a credit union that works hard too.