Making smart financial decisions even when you feel too busy

When school picks up and the year gets hectic, it’ll get harder to stick to your financial goals. Starting new and adjusting to different schedules and responsibilities can be stressful—and studies have shown that people tend to spend more when they’re stressed. Taking steps to ease the pressure and make decisions ahead of time will keep spending in check and help prevent you from choosing the easy option.

Soaking up the last days of summer: Creative summer experiences you won't forget!

You’ll soon be dusting off heavier jackets and be caught up in the back-to-school routine. Take advantage of these last few obligation-free days to get outside, enjoy the sun, and spend some time with family.

Summer Fun: The Top Community Events Throughout Alaska in August

The sun is shining, the outdoors are calling, and school is right around the corner. The clock is ticking, so be sure to make the most of every minute of summer with these top events happening in August.

5 Steps to Create Strong, Unique and Readily Accessible Passwords

In the past, when records were kept only on paper, your personal information was as secure as the file cabinet or safe in which it was locked. There was no way that information could be shared without physically removing the paper.