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Nuvision Heroes: A veteran and former firefighter who pushes himself to the limit raising awareness for the wellbeing of men and women in uniform

Cliff Walker is the kind of person we look to as an example of a hero. Founder of the Battle Strong Foundation, he works tirelessly every day to raise awareness about the health, fitness, and mental well-being of military and first responders. He’s also spent most of his adult life serving in uniform.

Let's celebrate community! Check out our upcoming live music events, ceremonies, and family BBQ to honor hard-working members and local heroes

Our calendar for the coming months is filled with exciting in-person events. Whether at a ceremony or dinner event with live music, we want to connect with our community, bring people together, and have some fun as we move into this next season.

Nuvision Heroes: A Team Member Who Serves Daily in Spontaneous, Unexpected Ways

Wife, mother of two, and Cheyenne resident of 32 years, Cassy is known by her co-workers for her humble spirit and servant’s heart. Always the first to jump in to help and the last to leave when needed, she looks for opportunities to care for others and has a way of finding them in unexpected places. “I typically always have blankets in my trunk to give away when it’s cold,” she said. “I have a soft spot for folks who are homeless.”

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