Avoid interruptions in service when traveling

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Denali members can use Online or Mobile Banking to notify the credit union about their travel plans. This new online feature helps members avoid interruptions when using credit and debit cards, and when accessing funds during their travels.

Why use travel notifcations?

To provide an extra layer of security, Denali blocks charges and transactions that may appear suspicious. This includes transactions made outside locations normally used by members. To protect members, Denali places temporary blocks on these flagged transactions. Notifying Denali about your travel plans lets us know you are away so we can provide you uninterrupted service.

Using travel alerts in Online and Mobile Banking

Notify us in advance of your travels. We’ll need to know where you are traveling, the dates you plan to be away and contact information. You should have this information on hand before submitting a travel notification.

In Online Banking

Go to the “Travel Notification” tab shown in the upper right of the Online Banking page. Complete and submit the form that appears.

Travel notification online

In Mobile Banking

Click the “More” tab that appears in the upper right. Click the “Travel Notification” tab. Complete and submit the form that appears.

Travel notification mobile

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