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Checking and Savings Accounts


Denali Alaskan has two types of checking accounts; you choose the one that fits your lifestyle best.



Forget the hassle of paying a fee* every time you write a check, every time you get a statement, every time you use your check card…or just about every time you do get charged by your bank for USING YOUR OWN MONEY! Denali Alaskan’s Free Checking is worry free, fee free* ...just plain free checking.



Our Advantage and Advantage Legacy accounts provide many lifestyle benefits and monthly dividends, for a nominal monthly fee.§ Among the benefits of these accounts are:

  • Travel benefits
  • Everyday Rebates
  • Car Rental Discounts
  • ID Theft Insurance


If you’re not sure which checking account is best for you, click here to find a comparison of our checking accounts, and the features and benefits offered by each checking account.



Your checkbook comes in a card size; the Denali Alaskan Check Card is accepted worldwide, eliminating the problem of people not accepting your “out of town” check.


Payments made with your check card are automatically withdrawn from your checking account.


* Punitive fees for insufficient account balances, such as non-sufficient funds, overdraft transfer fees and the like will be charged as appropriate. Stop payment fees and similar exception fees will also be charged as appropriate. A complete list of fees is available at Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union branches and on the Credit Union’s web site.

§There is a $5.00 monthly fee for Advantage Checking, and $4.00 for Advantage Legacy Checking, available to our members aged 50 and older.



Whatever your savings goals, we have an account right for you. Build your savings for next month, next year or retirement with one of our savings accounts. We even have special savings clubs for children and special purchases.

  • BASIC SAVINGS: Open a basic savings account with as little as $5. You'll start to earn dividends as soon as your account reaches just $100. Earn more as your account grows. And you have the freedom to add or withdraw funds from your account at any time.
  • TARGETSAVINGS TM CLUB: You call the shots. We'll help you save for anything you aim for. Just open an account with $5 or more, give your account a name and a savings goal, and we'll keep track of your progress on your statement.
  • KIDS PROSPECTOR CLUB®: Our kids program (newborn to 12-year-olds) is a great way to encourage young members to learn good savings habits. The Kids Prospector Club® features our own Sourdough Buck, who'll send birthday cards to young savers, and is featured on our punch cards, bookmarks, and other special premiums for our young savers. Start a Kids Prospector Club® account with as little as $5.00.
  • TEEN POWER®: A special program for savers from 13 to 17 years of age, with a great website and targeted newsletters featuring information about savings and other essential financial facts. The Teen Power® program starts with as little as $5.00 in your share savings account...and we also offer free Personal Computer Banking internet access to your account!
  • UP AND COMING: As young adults transition to full economic responsibilities, our Up and Coming program helps you become a more savvy consumer Check our special website for more details on the features and benefits of Up and Coming accounts.



Increase the earnings on your savings by taking advantage of high-yield Denali Alaskan investment accounts. Choice of daily access or fixed-term accounts to fit your needs at higher dividend rates than our basic saving accounts.


Money Market Savings: If you need quick access to your investment funds, this is the account for you. Earn higher dividends with as little as a $5000 balance. Dividends are paid monthly. The rate adjusts monthly to correspond with market changes.


Individual Retirement Accounts: Our IRA accounts may help reduce your taxable income and help you build a more secure retirement, and you can start an IRA Savings account with a minimum of $100. Or open a 12- to 36-month IRA Certificate account with as little as $500. There is no set-up or annual fee for any of these accounts.